Room Hire

Hardwick(Main)HallHardwick Hall2 VestibuleSanctuary  
        Hardwick(Main) Hall   Inner Vestibule                    Church Sanctuary  
Kitchen,Hardwick HallKitchen,Hardwick Hall2 Outer VestibuleRoom No.1  
            Kitchen, Hardwick(Main)Hall         Outer Vestibule                   Room No.1     
  Gallery Room  
                                   Gallery Room              

Please see the Lettings Form for contact details of our Bookings Secretary and to book available rooms.  Rooms are priced per session(3 hours), a session defined as Morning, Afternoon or Evening, reviewed annually, and are as follows- Church Sanctuary hire is £69 with £23 per extra hour or part thereof AND IS NEGOTIABLE depending on time of day, length of time reqd. etc., Main Hall £69.00, with each additional hour £23 or part thereof. Kitchen £21.00, with each additional hour £7 or part thereof, all other smaller rooms £27.00,  plus each additional hour £9 or part thereof.  Galley Kitchen £21.00 with £2 per extra hour or part thereof.

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